2018 Ford Escape vs Honda CR-V

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2017 Ford Escape vs Honda CR-V

The 2018 Ford Escape and Honda CR-V are not just two of the biggest-selling compact crossovers; they’re actually among the most popular vehicles of their type in the entire world. But which one of the two is the best right now? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

2018 Ford Escape vs Honda CR-V

Catching the Eye: Ford Escape

Regardless of what anyone says, how a vehicle looks and how the styling makes us feel about it has a big impact on whether we want to part with our hard-earned cash to buy one. The CR-V is definitely has a more distinctive exterior design than the Escape, but it’s hard to actually use the word “attractive” to describe it.

The Escape isn’t the most revolutionary design in the segment, certainly, but it’s not as niche-focused as the CR-V. In fact, in the right color and trim, the Ford can look decidedly sporty–something we really can’t say about the Honda.

How They Perform: Ford Escape

People don’t just buy crossovers because of the way they look or how practical they can be. Buyers also care about how they drive and perform during their daily commutes. In addition to having impressive handling, buyers want SUVs that also have enough power to put a smile on their faces and handle a full load of passengers and cargo.

While the base 2.4-liter and the turbocharged four-cylinder 1.5-liter engines in the Honda CR-V are more than adequate, they don’t rise far beyond the relatively mediocre. The base and middle engines in the Escape may be a little down on power compared to the two units in the Honda, but the Ford also offers a 2.0-liter turbo with 245 horsepower the CR-V simply has no answer to.

Capability: Ford Escape

Plenty of buyers will want to do at least a little towing with their crossover, even if that SUV is a relatively compact model. The Honda CR-V has a maximum tow rating of 1,500 pounds regardless of what engine is under the hood, and that’s fairly par-for-the-course in this segment.

However, the Ford Escape sees that and raises it by a considerable margin as models equipped with the 2.0-liter turbo can handle towing as much as 3,500 pounds, a lot more capability than the Honda has to offer.

Price Tag: Ford Escape

Obviously, plenty of potential suitors for SUV buyers like these two will want something reasonably compact rather than a midsize or full-size model, but a lot of people shop in this segment because it fits their budget better.

To be honest, there isn’t a great deal of difference between the Honda and the Ford when it comes to the MSRPs, but the Escape is the more affordable throughout the trim levels. At the entry point the Escape starts from around $23,850, compared to $24,150 for the Honda. At the opposite end of the trim spectrum, an all-wheel drive Escape Titanium will set you back $33,395, while the top-of-the-line CR-V AWD Touring costs from $34,050. As we said, there’s not a whole lot of difference, but it still represents another win for the Escape.

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2017 Ford Escape vs Honda CR-V

It’s hard to argue with the incredible sales figures the Honda CR-V has under its belt, but when compared to the 2018 Ford Escape we wonder if some of its sales are based more on reputation than anything else. When presented with the choice of one or the other, we’d go with the more affordable and stylish Ford Escape.

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