2018 Ford Flex

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2018 Ford Flex

With its versatile cargo space and unique wagon-style crossover design, the 2018 Ford Flex is in high demand. Families love its three roomy rows of seating and adventurers embrace the Flex’s all-wheel drive to take the road less traveled. These features, combined with the Flex’s tech-friendly approach, make the Flex a unique approach to the SUV craze that’s sure to make buyers happy.

2018 Ford Flex

The 2018 Ford Flex delivers three roomy rows of seating. Inside, you’ll find more than enough head and leg room for six or seven passengers, depending on whether your model has second-row captain’s chairs. At the wheel, the six-way power front passenger seat with lumbar adjustment means you’ll always be able to get comfortable. The dual-zone automatic climate control features manual rear controls, making it easy for each and every passenger to find his own personal Goldilocks zone.

The 2018 Ford Flex’s unique shape makes for an excellent cargo hauler. Behind the rear seats, the Flex’s 20 cubic feet of cargo space are the perfect spot for your groceries and daily carry-on items, including gym bags and briefcases. When it’s time for some good old-fashioned outdoor adventure, fold down the rear seats to create 43.2 cubic feet of space for your camping gear. If you’ve got home improvement supplies to cart home, fold down both rear rows for 83.2 cubic feet of maximum space.

With the Sync 3 infotainment system, the 2018 Ford Flex puts a modern spin on staying connected. The 8-inch touchscreen is crisp and clear, so you can get to the app you need with minimal distraction. You can use voice controls to make hands-free calls, and the system will even read your text messages to you. That way, you never miss a beat – but you also get to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road ahead. The Sync 3 system even includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which displays smartphone apps like Maps and Messages directly on your central touchscreen, so you don’t have to mess with your phone while driving. And, more than infotainment, the Flex helps you stay connected with a 110-volt household-style power outlet that will charge your laptop on the way to work. It’s also got USB ports, making it easy to keep your devices charged when you’re far from home.

Finally, the 2018 Ford Flex is all geared up to keep you safe on the road. When you cruise busy highways with a cabin full of kids, you’ll maintain complete peace of mind, thanks to high-tech driver aids that alert you to nearby danger. Because it keeps you updated on any cars that have moved out of sight, the blind-spot monitor helps you switch lanes safely. The forward collision warning system does more than warn you danger – it actively primes the brakes so you have maximum stopping power in the face of potential accident. Ford even throws in some uniquely innovative features, like the MyKey system, which lets you set speed limits for teenage drivers. Every Flex has a rearview camera to help you spot any obstacles in your path – though rear visibility is pretty great even without it.


Flex Limited

The top trim of the 2018 Ford Flex feels like the top-of-the-line Flex should, with the design and tech features that you’d expect. On the inside, you’ll get posh heated leather seats as well as maple wood and leather accents throughout, with plenty of storage for driver and passenger and ample tech-friendly charging options. Toss in driver favorites like MyKey, which allows you to customize the driving experience of those you share the vehicle with (read: limit their speed and sound system volume), and the power liftgate and you have a driving experience worthy of the Ford badge.

2018 Ford Flex Unique Exterior Styling

Unique Exterior Styling

The Flex doesn’t look like every other crossover. With a unique grooved door design and engagingly retro wagon vibe, the Flex stands out on any street.

2018 Ford Flex Multipanel Vista Roof

Multipanel Vista Roof

The Flex takes the sunroof and improves it, creating panels for every passenger.

2018 Ford Flex Fold Flat Seats

Fold Flat Seats

Maximize your cargo space with the fold flat seats, so you can adapt to whatever your life throws at you.

2018 Ford Flex Rear Storage

Rear Storage

Convenient and accessible to passengers, the Flex’s smart storage gives you room to stash smartphones, drinks, or whatever you might need.


When passenger comfort and cargo space are high on your list of priorities, the 2018 Ford Flex is a segment standout. Its exclusive wagon-style crossover design is the perfect remedy to your interior space challenges. With three rows of seating that adapts with fold-flat design, the Flex can take you from the carpool line to cargo hauler in a quick minute, giving you everything you need when you need it. Stay connected safely using the infotainment system options and the high-tech driver aids, transforming your daily ride from stress to straightforward. If you want the benefit of the three-row SUV without the vanilla cookie cutter style, the 2018 Ford Flex is the right choice.

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