2018 Ford Focus

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2018 Ford Focus

What if we went back to a bygone era when cars were fun again? Ford’s doing just that with this adaptable compact vehicle, bringing the joy back to your commute and your road trips. If you enjoy driving, you’ll like the 2018 Ford Focus.

Why Buy the Ford Focus?

The Focus comes either as a compact sedan or hatchback, both with a sporty look and feel. Because of its superior handling and responsive touch, the Ford is a blast behind the wheel. If you’re looking for a turbocharged engine option, the Focus ST delivers in spades.

The driver and front passenger get plenty of room up front, with more leg room than any other compact car. Controls are within easy reach and nicely organized. The Focus can seat five, though kids will be most comfortable in the back seat.

Is the Ford Focus Reliable?

Because the 2018 is a brand new model, reliability data is not yet out. But looking at the previous few years, there’s a steady uptick in reliability score from J.D. Power and Associates. Right now it’s about in the middle of the pack. But in terms of safety, the Ford Focus is no slacker. It earned five stars on government crash tests, a perfect overall score.

Which Ford Focus Should I Buy?

Choosing between hatchback and sedan comes down to a question of space. If you want more cargo space, get the hatchback. The sedan has only 13 cubic feet of storage in the back, but the hatchback has 23 and the back seat folds down for even more. You also get more head room and better visibility for backseat passengers. On the other hand, the sedan is more affordable and lighter, which will likely translate into more savings at the gas pump.

The Focus sedan comes in four trims and the hatchback in five. The biggest difference between these trims is what’s under the hood. The S and SEL models come with the standard engine. For sportier performance, you’ll want to upgrade to the SE. Some SEL, and Titanium trims give you the turbocharged engine, while the ST and RS are optimized for power. You will, of course, find other perks in the upper trims. The Titanium model, for example, adds a sunroof, heated front seats, and a heated steering wheel.

Is the Ford Focus Good on Gas?

The 2018 Ford Focus is in your corner in terms of fuel economy. It gets an impressive 30 city/40 highway miles per gallon, outperforming not only larger cars, but also nearly every car in its class.

For those looking for even more fuel efficiency, there’s the Ford Focus Electric, which needs no gasoline at all and has a range of 115 miles on a fully charged battery.

2018 Ford Focus Electric
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