2018 Ford Focus vs Honda Civic

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2018 Ford Focus vs Honda Civic

2018 Ford Focus vs Honda Civic

The 2018 Ford Focus and the Honda Civic are big-earning vehicles. Though some sedan sales are being whittled away by the SUV market, these two models dominate their segment. Which one of them is best? Let’s take a look.

Affordability: Ford Focus

Unless you’re shopping at the highest trim levels of these two cars, affordability is going to be a major factor in any buying decision. While there are a number of ways that buyers determine how expensive a car is to run over the time you own it, the price to buy initially is the one most of us pay attention to. In this case, the Ford Focus comes in at a more budget-friendly price.

The entry level 2018 Ford Focus is the S Sedan, which currently has a starting MSRP of just $17,860. The most affordable version of the Honda Civic is the LX Sedan, but that one will set you back from $18,840, which doesn’t have much extra warrant that much extra money.

In-Cabin Technology: Ford Focus

Infotainment and connectivity are vitally important to a new vehicle’s success these days, and the Focus comes with the very latest version of Ford’s SYNC infotainment system. The new version is a big step up from its previous generation. SYNC is swift and responsive to commands, uses easy-to-read fonts and icons, and operates using a menu layout that is sensible and intuitive.

Unfortunately for Honda, technology is an area where the Japanese automaker needs to do some work. The touchscreen system in the Civic leaves a lot to be desired, starting with a menu that takes some getting used to just to use and understand. Touch-capacitive buttons on the screen may be the modern way of doing things, but the option to use a few hard buttons for the main systems would still be nice to have. The lack of a real volume knob, for example, is one of a number of reasons why the Focus is better in this important area.

Style and Desirability: Ford Focus

Naturally, buyers will always have views about what is and isn’t a good-looking car. At the entry level, the 2018 Ford Focus is a bit plain and maybe even a little mundane. But go up the trims, especially to the ST models, and the Focus becomes a fabulously sporty and attractive car that anyone would be happy to have outside their house or place of work.

The Civic certainly looks modern and even a little futuristic, and some people will like that. However, it can also look a bit awkward and confused, especially at the rear. When it comes to the out and out performance model, the Civic Type R, the collection of vents, body kit, and wing start to look like something dreamed up by a very young boy. As far as styling is concerned, the Focus is a lot easier to live with and is sure to have broader appeal.

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