2018 Ford Fusion vs Honda Accord

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2018 Ford Fusion vs Honda Accord

When you crave smooth performance and road-trip-ready cabin space, classic mid-size sedans like the 2018 Ford Fusion and Honda Accord still reign supreme. So which is right for you, the Fusion or the Accord? Our comparison guide is here to help you sort out the details.

Most Accommodating Cabin: 2018 Ford Fusion

Even in this competitive segment, the Fusion’s cabin is a standout. This mid-size sedan stands the test of a long commute with spacious, supportive seating. The Fusion supplies good outward visibility to boost your confidence in heavy traffic. The Fusion also features more than enough cargo space – 16 cubic feet in the trunk – for your weekend supplies.

In the Honda Accord, you’ll find roomy comfort and adequate support for longer drivers. While the cabin is mostly pretty quiet, you’ll hear a bit of tire noise as you travel at high speeds.

2018 Ford Fusion Tech

Friendliest Technology: 2018 Ford Fusion

You’ll find the most user-friendly tech experience in the Fusion, starting with the Sync 3 system. This infotainment technology includes complete smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. Now you can interact with your maps, music, and phone apps on the Fusion’s 8-inch central LCD touchscreen. Sync voice controls are another big plus, giving you the access you need without distracting you from the road.

Back in the Accord, you’ll find an impressive tech lineup. This year, Honda introduces a new infotainment system. Although this new interface remedies the old issues with touchscreen reliability, you’ll find that Ford’s voice control system is more intuitive and all-encompassing.

Thriftiest Commuter: 2018 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord offers impressive savings at the pump. The standard engine, a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder, earns the line’s top EPA ratings, coming in at 30 city/38 highway mpg.

The Fusion also aims to please, with an engine lineup ranging from thrifty to sporty. When you upgrade to the turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder, the Fusion earns its best EPA ratings of 23/34 mpg.

Safest Ride: 2018 Ford Fusion

Both the 2018 Ford Fusion and the Honda Accord earned top marks in government crash tests, with perfect five-star ratings for overall protection. The Fusion has the edge, however, because the 2018 Fusion offers all-wheel drive. Get this performance technology for a safer ride on wet or icy roads.

You won’t find all-wheel drive on the Accord, but, like the Fusion, the Accord offers the full gamut of crash-preventative technology. Both sedans’ collision mitigation systems can automatically apply the brakes in the face of danger. The Accord offers front and rear parking sensors to help you ease into a parallel parking space. The Fusion takes things further, however, with an automated parking system to take over in a tight spot.

2018 Ford Fusion on the Road

With its impressive safety lineup, rich passenger comfort, and user-friendly technology, the 2018 Fusion makes your choice an easy one. We think you’ll agree that this sporty sedan is the right option for a wide range of drivers, from busy commuters to families on the run.

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