2018 Ford Transit Connect

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2018 Ford Transit Connect

2018 Ford Transit Connect

The 2018 Ford Transit Connect is a practical, versatile compact commercial van, while the passenger version, the Connect Wagon, offers a smaller, smarter alternative to a full-size minivan.

Why Buy the Transit Connect?

There are two reasons you might need a Transit Connect, and which version of the Connect you’re talking about determines which reason fits. In the compact commercial van format, you get a versatile, lively, and economical commercial van that can be adapted to suit all manner of different applications.

But if we’re talking about the Transit Connect Wagon, you then have a smaller, smarter, and more likeable alternative to a full-size minivan. The Connect Wagon might not have as many seats as some traditional minivans, but if five or seven seats is enough for your needs they come here in a comfortable, fun, and affordable package that’s hard to overlook.

Are Transit Connects Good Vans?

If the Transit Connect wasn’t a good van, sales wouldn’t be what they have been. In Europe, the Transit Connect has been an absolute smash, even though there’s probably nothing revolutionary about their design or look. What they do offer, in spades, is the capability and practicality of bigger vans in a smaller, more affordable, and easier to manage package.

One of the biggest advantages the Transit Connect has over many of its rivals is the way it drives. If you are tasked with transporting goods or passengers, you’ll love the fact that the Transit Connect drives and handles much more like a car than a regular cargo van or minivan.

How is the Transit Connect Different from Minivans?

Although a Transit Connect Wagon can seat up to seven people, its smaller overall proportions than a regular minivan means space inside is a little tighter. That’s not saying it’s cramped inside the Ford because it isn’t, but it does mean there isn’t the stretch-out space that can be found in other vans.

Because the Connect Wagon has a tall stance reminiscent of a crossover, head room is more than ample. But the combination of being cheaper to buy and run, better to drive in tight urban environments, and a design that doesn’t actually look like a minivan are the biggest differences between the Ford and a true minivan.

Can a Transit Connect Tow?

The simplistic answer to “can the Transit Connect tow?” is yes, but don’t expect F-150 capability here by any means. The Transit Connect is a compact vehicle by anyone’s measure, so temper your expectations to match the size.

Regardless of the model chosen, the maximum towing capacity of the Ford is 2,000 pounds. Whichever model and wheelbase you choose, they all come with the same 2.5-liter gas inline-four that develops 169 horsepower and 171 lb.-ft. of torque. The maximum GVWR can be as high as 5,280 pounds, while the maximum payload is 1,610 pounds with a long-wheelbase cargo van.

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