Frequently Asked Financing Questions

Before You Go To the Dealership

What is Credit?

Where does your credit come from, what does your credit score means, and how do they help you get financing?

Can I Afford to Buy a Car?

The big question before you hit the dealership: what can you afford?

What Expenses Come With Owning a Car?

Before you determine your budget, make sure you know all of the expenses you’ll need to cover.

Once You’ve Found Your Dream Car

Should I Buy Or Lease?

Deciding whether to buy or lease comes down to your payments and your regular driving habits.

Auto Finance 101: Annual Percentage Rates and Finance Charges

Why should you know what APR and finance charges are? Hint: It affects your payment.

Auto Finance 101: What Is Simple Interest?

How did that amount get there? How can I pay less?

Auto Finance 101: Amount Financed

What does the amount you’re financing include? Make sure you know.

Auto Finance 101: Total of Payments and Total Sale Price

Total it up–what will you be paying by the end of the deal?

Auto Finance 101: Do you Need GAP Coverage?

Guaranteed Asset Protection–Should You Get It?

Once You’ve Left the Lot

What Should I Do When My Lease Ends?

When you’re coming to the end of a lease, you have some decisions to make.