Why Should I Get My Car Battery Checked?

Your car battery is obviously critical—no battery, no go. Did you know that it’s important to have your battery checked regularly, about two times a year, even if it’s not showing signs of losing charge? Most people don’t even think about their batteries, though, until it starts showing signs of a problem–or until it’s dead and you’re stranded.  If you’re already seeing signs of your battery losing charge, like taking longer for your car to start or the dreaded check engine light, our technician can help. Make a battery check a part of your routine maintenance or replace a dead battery at Quick Lane.

Car Battery Services

  • Battery Check: Prevent problems by making sure that your battery is alive, well, and fully charged. We’ll check the connections and the battery itself, so we can anticipate any future problems.
  • Battery Replacement: If your battery is reaching the end of its life, we can replace it and recycle the old one for you.
  • Battery Installation: Stranded? Need a new battery? Choose from our inventory and let us install it quickly and correctly for you so you don’t have to worry.

Why Get Your Car Battery Checked or Replaced at the Quick Lane?

  • No appointments! Car issues don’t happen on a schedule, so come in for routine maintenance or simple repairs anytime, no call ahead necessary.
  • We can service any make or model with equal confidence. We’ve got what you need in terms of parts and inventory as well.
  • The Quick Lane is far more convenient than other service options, with extended and weekend hours to fit into your schedule (not the other way around).
  • Our Master Technicians have the experience and certifications to give you confidence in their work. They’ll get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.