Why You Need a Brake Check


Your brake system is one of the most important things on your car. If it’s not working properly, bad things can happen. Most vehicles now use a disc brake system in which the disc, called a rotor, rotates with the wheel. When you apply the brake, the brake pads squeeze the rotor and that’s how the car stops as quickly and efficiently as you need. If your brake pads, rotor, or brake fluid are not in good condition, you could be in big trouble when a quick stop comes. Eliminate the worry by making sure your brakes are regularly checked and serviced by a qualified and certified technicians.


Brake Services

  • Brake Checks: We will check your entire brake system to make sure all parts are in good condition and working properly so you can drive, and stop driving, with confidence.
  • Repair and Maintenance: If you notice a problem or if we find one, we’ll fix it quickly. We can change the brake pads, replace your rotors, or handle whatever else needs to be done with the best quality parts.
  • Fluid check/Flush: If you’re running low on brake fluid or if it’s time to replace it, we’ve got you covered.

Why Get Your Brakes Checked at the Quick Lane?

  • We take walk-ins. No need for an appointment, so come in right before a road trip or on your lunch hour.
  • The Quick Lane will take care of any kind of brakes–no matter the age or make or model. We’ve got you covered.
  • Extended hours make it easy to manage a busy schedule and keep on top of your regular maintenance.
  • Certified, expert technicians know how to treat your car well and can find issues before they become real problems.