2016 Ford Explorer vs 2010 Explorer

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2016 Ford Explorer vs 2010 Explorer

2016 Ford Explorer vs 2010 Explorer

So, you’ve got your eye on the Ford Explorer. It’s easy to see why – this three-row crossover SUV has everything you could want, including roomy seating, strong towing capabilities, and high-tech features. Are you wondering whether you should buy new or used? We designed this comparison guide to help you take a better look at how the 2016 Explorer compares to the used 2010 SUV.


You might be surprised at how much the Ford Explorer has changed over six short years. These changes are especially noticeable when you take a look at the Explorer’s safety gear. If you want the latest technology to help keep your family safe, test-drive the 2016 Ford Explorer. With it, you get high-tech features that weren’t even available in the used 2010 Ford Explorer.

First, check out the rearview camera. This is standard equipment, so all models give you an excellent view of your driveway when you put the Explorer in reverse. Next up is the stability control system, which offers a new feature called Curve Control. It monitors speed carried into a corner and, if necessary, automatically slows the Explorer to safe speeds. Ford’s MyKey system lets you set speed and stereo volume limitations for teenage drivers or valets.

You’ll also love the 2016 Ford Explorer’s advanced systems. These help you maintain vigilance, because they scan your surroundings and alert you to potential danger. Forward collision alert, for example, will warn you when you need to slow down. Lane-keeping assist will help you stay between the proper lines. Blind-spot warning alerts you to vehicles you might not be able to see.

When it comes to crash tests, both the used 2010 and new 2016 Ford Explorers will impress you. In government crash tests, these models earned perfect five-star ratings for overall protection. Likewise, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave both model years its top score of “Good.”

Trade-in Value

As you shop for your Ford Explorer, keep the future in mind. Even a vehicle as great as the Explorer won’t last forever. Do yourself a favor – buy the Explorer today that will get you the best trade-in value tomorrow. The newer the model, the more money you’ll get for it later. That means the 2016 Explorer is still your best option.


There’s no doubt about it – the 2016 Ford Explorer is your best bet. It’s got all the latest tech gear, so you can feel especially safe as you ferry your family around town. Advanced safety features actively monitor your surroundings and alert you to danger – there just wasn’t anything like these in 2010. With the 2016 Explorer, you can also count on the best possible trade-in value. That means you’ll be all set when it comes time to buy a new Explorer in the future! Come in and test drive the new Explorer today!

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