2017 F-150 King Ranch vs Platinum

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2017 Ford F-150 King Ranch

Out of these two high-end models of Ford’s F-150 lineup, you may be wondering what the differences are. You may even be considering purchasing one or the other but are confused as to what the benefits to choosing one above another. Most of the differences between the two models are minor and aesthetic-based, but even still they are differences that may matter to you as a truck consumer.

2017 Ford F-150 King Ranch vs Platinum

Color Options

For instance, on the King Ranch model the rear bumper comes with a chrome color option that is not available on the Platinum model.

Instead, the Platinum comes standard with the truck body’s color on the rear bumper. The King Ranch, however, comes standard with the truck’s accent color on the rear bumper.

Headlights with Ease

Another useful feature is the automatic high beams that come standard with the Platinum and is optional with the King Ranch. This means your vehicle will detect nearby light sources such as those from another vehicle and will toggle to low lights automatically.

This provides much safer night driving because the high beams will automatically turn on in dark environments and will turn off when another vehicle comes near.

Stay Safe in the Rain

Another low-visibility situation that will plague your safe driving: rain, and lots of it. Rain-sensing wipers will automatically detect rain so the driver doesn’t lose a second of visual contact with the road.

Safety is not something to be played with and this feature makes it so that the driver doesn’t even have to think about taking time to turn on the wipers. These come as an option on the King Ranch and standard with the Platinum.

Interior Goodness

On the inside, we see that the Platinum comes with beautiful contoured leather seats to match the natural shaping of the body and to make for a more comfortable seating experience. The King Ranch, however, comes with its unique King Ranch leather pattern. The King Ranch insignia is embossed throughout the interior and comes with beautiful mahogany wood accents.

The Platinum’s interior comes standard with black carpet flooring and front and rear floor mats to prevent staining and dirtying the floor itself. These are unavailable in the King Ranch.

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2017 Ford F-150 King Ranch

Both trucks offer style and functionality at an affordable price. While many differences are in the trucks’ looks, there are important differences in some key features as well. Whichever truck is right for you is a matter of which individual features speak to you the most.