2019 Ford Fusion vs Chevrolet Malibu

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2019 Ford Fusion vs Chevrolet Malibu

Trying to decide between the sophisticated 2019 Ford Fusion and uptown Chevrolet Malibu? At first, it’s hard to pick out the differences between these two midsize sedans. Luckily, our comparison guide is here to help you choose the right model to suit your personal style.

Smooth, Quiet Cruising: 2019 Ford Fusion

With its roomy five-passenger seating and luxurious options, the Fusion takes the prize for premium comfort. The front seats offer best-in-class comfort, giving you the kind of support that makes for the perfect road trip. The cabin even keeps the wind and road noise to a minimum, so you can have deep discussions during your carpooling sessions.

2019 Ford Fusion on the Road

In the Malibu, you’ll also find plush, supportive seating. And, like the Fusion, the Malibu offers a long list of luxury options, like leather upholstery and seat heaters. However, backseat passenger space is small for this segment, so your favorite passengers might end up wishing for more legroom.

Stunning Safety: 2019 Ford Fusion

The new Fusion introduces Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 safety package, which comes standard on every single trim level. That means you get potentially lifesaving technology—automatic emergency braking and blind-spot warning—at no extra cost. Unfortunately, although similar safety systems are optional on the Malibu, they’re only available on higher, (and more expensive), trim levels.

Sportiest Performance: 2019 Ford Fusion

Unlike the Malibu, the Fusion offers all-wheel drive. This traction-boosting technology does more than keep you safer on icy pavement. AWD actually enhances your ride as you zip around corners and make your way up curving highways. The Fusion also gets high marks for its smart combination of sharp steering and smooth composure.

2019 Ford Fusion Interior

Although the Malibu doesn’t offer all-wheel drive, this Chevy does boost your confidence levels with its sharp handling. We can’t complain about its smooth, composed ride, either. The Malibu’s sporty suspension tuning makes the ride a bit stiff, but it should feel comfortable enough for most drivers.

Budget-Friendly Commuter: 2019 Chevrolet Malibu

To give your fuel budget a boost, consider the Malibu. Depending on your choice of powertrain, this smooth-riding sedan earns up to 29 city and 36 highway miles per gallon. The Ford Fusion follows behind with 23 city and 34 highway mpg.

The Malibu is certainly on top of its fuel mileage game, but the 2019 Ford Fusion is our overall favorite sedan. We’re sure you’ll agree that the Fusion’s athletic ride, comfortable cabin, and advanced safety make the Ford the best all-around choice.

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