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Oil Change

An oil change is an oil change, right? That’s the traditional thought, echoed by do-it-yourselfers and a myriad of businesses that offer the service. Of course, in some senses, they are correct. Anyone can do an oil change. But there are definite benefits to having your dealership handle this messy business, from certified training and knowledge on your specific vehicle, to not dealing with the hassle of pushy sales people trying to upsell you on repairs you don’t need.

Professional Oil Change Service

The biggest benefit of working directly with the dealership is that the mechanics and technicians have been trained to work specifically on your vehicle model, not just vehicles in general. They know the tricks and difficulties of each model. This detailed knowledge prevents unnecessary damage caused by variations in engine formation and filter placement. And of course, the dealership has the exact type of oil that’s ideal for your car.

In addition to being able to safely handle the task at hand because the technicians are trained specifically on your vehicle, they can genuinely spot and diagnose other potential problems. This trained eye can potentially help you make a minor repair before it turns into an expensive problem. The peace of mind alone pays for itself.

If they do their job properly you’ll keep coming back on your own. If you need repairs, or parts are getting worn out, they’ll explain the situation, help you weigh the pros and cons of taking care of problems now or waiting until down the line. And, most importantly, when you go in for an oil change, you’re getting an oil change, and not a fleecing in the wallet or a predatory sales pitch.


Here’s a situation that anyone who has owned a car has dealt with at some point: the doom runaround sales tactics. You’ve got a leaky gasket, the pinions on the right wheel are shot, the engine is falling out and unless you’ve got a few grand to make the repairs your car is doomed.

Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be an oil change? Everything seemed fine before coming in… Well, that’s because most of these places make their money on repairs, not on the oil change. They know this, they just don’t want you to know it. They offer a discounted service to hook you in then they stick you with a bill for repairs you never knew you needed. Because often times you don’t need them. Go talk with a mechanic, ask them how frequently they do repairs on parts that are only showing general wear and tear but still have tens of thousands of miles of solid, safe use in them. These companies make their money on naivety and using predatory practices that nobody likes.

Oil Change


The reality is that your dealership has a good name to maintain, and the best way for them to do that is to treat your vehicle to the best of their abilities. A quality oil-change is just one way for them to do that. They want to keep your vehicle on the road and running smoothly.

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