Used 2018 Ford Expedition

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Used 2018 Ford Expedition

2018 Ford Expedition

All things SUV are beloved in the auto market, earning the 2018 Ford Expedition an impressive and thoroughly deserved redesign that brings it right up-to-date.

Why Buy the Ford Expedition?

You buy the Ford Expedition because you want a large vehicle capable of seating up to eight people, and you’re not willing to compromise. The Expedition is not delicate or apologetic about its size and substance, so if you want a big vehicle to handle big jobs in some style and comfort, this is it.

If the standard Expedition still isn’t spacious enough for you, a long-wheelbase version of the Ford delivers an impressive amount of room inside, especially in the third row. With a new look that’s hewn straight from aluminum, there’s nothing at all retro about this full-size SUV.

What is an Expedition Max?

If you’re familiar with the Ford Expedition as it used to be, you’ll remember it being available as the Expedition and the longer-wheelbase Expedition EL version. There still are two different wheelbase options, but EL is no more and the larger version is now called the Expedition Max.

The cabin of the Ford is cavernous in both versions, but the Expedition Max delivers an extra 9.1 inches of space between the axles, and the Expedition provides 172 cu.-ft. of passenger space. Where you’ll really notice the difference is when folding down the seats to accommodate large, awkward cargo items. With the second and third rows folded, the Expedition offers 104.6 cu.-ft. of cargo space. However, do the same in the Expedition Max and that grows substantially to an impressive 121.5 cu.-ft.

How Much Can the Ford Expedition Tow?

If there still isn’t enough cargo space inside the Expedition or Expedition Max for your needs, or if you want to tow a trailer, boat, or anything else for that matter, you’re not going to be disappointed with the capability of this mighty Ford SUV.

If the Expedition had abandoned its truck-based construction and become a crossover as a number of its rivals have over the years, we’d probably be looking at a maximum loaded trailer weight rating of around 5,000 pounds. But staying as a full, no-compromise, truck-frame SUV means the Expedition is capable of handling a maximum of 9,300 pounds.

Are Expeditions Reliable and Safe?

If we’re going to be honest, it’s impossible to assume the reliability of a brand new vehicle. Every vehicle is different, so our best option is to rely on the experience of the owners of previous model years. For the Expedition, those reports are hopeful and positive. No vehicle is infallible, of course, but there aren’t many modern vehicles that have a truly poor reputation for reliability–they simply don’t survive in such a competitive sales environment.

As for safety, only Ford has smashed up a 2018 Expedition so far, so there are no IIHS or NHTSA ratings to go by. Every 2018 Expedition does come standard with the typical array of airbags and electronic safety aids designed to keep the vehicle safely on the road. But if you want the most advanced active safety systems, they are available in the Expedition, but you’ll need to spend some extra money to get them. Intrinsically, though, a big, tough SUV is likely to do better in an accident than smaller, less substantial vehicles–that’s just physics.

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