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Used Car Articles


Used Ford C-Max Hybrid

The Ford C-Max Hybrid is a tall hybrid hatchback that’s designed to deliver optimal fuel economy, a smooth performance, and excellent passenger comfort. Inside, it seats up to five people, with head- and legroom to spare. With its abundance of convenience features, the C-Max Hybrid is an excellent choice for families. Its impressive ride height offers a commanding view of the road, much like an SUV. Take a Ford for a test drive today!



Used Ford C-Max Energi

The used Ford C-Max Energi is a tall, spacious wagon that provides plug-in hybrid power, modern comfort and convenience features, and substantial passenger seating. Inside, it offers lots of appeal for big families and socialites, who will easily capitalize on its roomy seating arrangements. Cutting-edge features keep you connected and protected. Of course, the Energi’s plug-in hybrid design means you’ll save plenty of money at the pump. Come in and test drive the Energi today!



Used 2014 Ford C-Max

The Used 2014 Ford C-Max is a compact multi-purpose vehicle or MPV for short. In Japan the MPV is often refer to as a “Space Wagon.” The C-Max has impressive gas mileage, a refined ride, quick acceleration, responsive handling, and a stylish space-efficient interior to make it the Hybrid MPV to beat.



Used 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid

The Used 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid is a five-passenger, fuel-efficient compact in a class of its own. Like its hybrid powertrain, the C-Max’s aerodynamic body is designed to maximize efficiency. This vehicle doesn’t stop at pump savings – it delivers responsive handling and a refined ride. Inside, the well-made cabin provides style and comfort.



Used 2014 Ford Fiesta

The Used Ford 2014 Fiesta is a fun, small, well-built sedan loaded with technology options. The Fiesta features sporty driving, responsive engine options, and a classy interior. Ford’s careful blend of styling has created a car that looks, feels, and performs like a more expensive vehicle.



Used Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is an affordable, fuel-efficient subcompact car. This economy car is well known for its surprising refinement, style, and sportiness. All models offer peppy driving dynamics and interior comfort. The Fiesta doesn’t shortchange drivers in terms of modern convenience features, either, offering plenty of high-tech options.



Used 2014 Ford Focus

The Used 2014 Ford Focus is a compact car with sharp handling, expressive styling, and an affordable price. Since 2012 it has held the title of “World’s Best Selling Automobile.” Considered one of the 50 greatest cars of the past fifty years by British magazine CAR the Focus is literally the focus of the attention of many car buyers, and rightly so.



Used Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a top-notch hatchback or sedan, offering drivers sharp handling, affordability, and modern safety standards. When it debuted in 2000, the Focus was widely celebrated as the first domestic vehicle to give Japan a run for its money in the small car market. It impressed mainstream drivers with its smart exterior styling and sporty driving capabilities. Today, the Ford Focus has earned its reputation as the best-in-class option for small car drivers.



Used Ford Fusion Hybrid

The used Ford Fusion Hybrid is a mid-size hybrid sedan that delivers top-notch fuel economy, a roomy interior, and a sporty, comfortable ride. The accommodating cabin provides a wealth of modern convenience features to save time and keep you connected on the go. On the road, the Fusion Hybrid is much more than fuel-efficient – it’s athletic and fun to drive. From behind the wheel, you’ll enjoy excellent driving dynamics and a comfortable ride. Come in and test drive the Fusion Hybrid today!



Used 2014 Ford Fusion

The Used 2014 Ford Fusion is a mid-size family sedan which features a spacious cabin, responsive driving dynamics, solid build quality and attractive styling. The Fusion provides a European-flavored driving experience providing a comfortable ride along with engaging, composed handling.



Used Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is a mid-size sedan with all the right moves in terms of space, style, and comfort. Since its debut, the Fusion has been the main contender in this highly competitive segment. Families love it for its spacious cabin, fuel efficiency, and modern convenience features. But it’s also fun to drive, thanks to athletic driving dynamics. Solid build quality makes the Fusion one of the safest family-friendly options on the road.



Used Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is a cool car that turns heads. As with any muscle car on the market, drivers choose the Mustang for its power and name recognition, and the Mustang delivers. The Ford Mustang is truly a powerful vehicle that will rule the highways and byways of America for years to come. The name Mustang is synonymous with quality and power.



Used Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus is a spacious mid-size family sedan, with a sturdy reputation for dependability and affordability. Americans have made the Taurus a consistent best-seller, and it’s easy to see why. The modern Ford Taurus offers a variety of hefty powertrains, convenience features, and a comfortable, feature-rich cabin.



Used Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata is a family-friendly mid-size sedan that delivers plenty of safety features, a roomy cabin, and swift on-road performance. Since its debut, the Sonata has done nothing but improve, with the fifth generation offering some of its most impressive features yet. Used Sonata buyers will appreciate the sedan’s economic price tag and dependable build.



Used Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is a best selling compact car that delivers excellent fuel economy, interior comfort, and modern safety features. This family-friendly vehicle has an excellent reputation for maintaining high levels of dependability, making it a great option for used buyers. More recent models offer the all the infotainment features you’ve come to expect.


Used SUV Articles


Used Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a large crossover SUV with a sturdy reputation for utility and sedan-like driving dynamics. Families love its roomy cabin, which comfortably seats up to five passengers. The modern Edge treats passengers to ample power, a high-quality interior, and a long list of convenience features.



Used 2014 Ford Edge

The Used 2014 Ford Edge is a five-passenger mid-size crossover that offers composed handling, a roomy interior, and cutting-edge technology options. The standard V6 engine powers families around town and an available turbocharged engine increases fuel economy. Inside, the Edge is both quiet and comfy, and the dash is fully stocked with the latest in connectivity and infotainment options.



Used Ford Escape

The best-selling Ford Escape is a small crossover that combines the performance capabilities of an SUV with the practicality of a mid-size car. Even in this highly competitive segment, the Escape has maintained its forefront position throughout its run. It easily spans the gap between city and back-road driving. City drivers enjoy a comfortable, responsive ride that’s still capable of weekend off-roading and towing.



Used 2014 Ford Escape

The Used 2014 Ford Escape is a compact crossover Sports Utility Vehicle recognized as one of the best-selling crossover SUVs in America. The Escape combines the styling and 4-wheel drive capability of a traditional SUV with the size, practicality, and driving characteristics of a mid-size car. The Escape is at the front of the compact crossover class, offering an appealing combination of handsome style, sharp performance, fuel efficiency, high-end features and true comfort.



Used Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is an exceedingly popular full-size SUV. Since its inception in 1997, this pickup truck-based SUV has attracted buyers with its spacious cabin, hefty powertrain options, and versatility. Thanks to advances in technology, the latest generation is both large and highly maneuverable.


Used Ford Explorer

Used Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a roomy and powerful full-size SUV. It’s the SUV people think of when they picture a sports utility vehicle that’s family friendly. There may have been SUVs before the Explorer, but it was the first large SUV to offer mainstream appeal to the average driver. Over the years, the Ford Explorer has lived up to its reputation for comfort, affordability, versatility, and style.


Used 2014 Ford Flex

Used 2014 Ford Flex

The Used 2014 Ford Flex is a large, seven-passenger family crossover that combines innovative safety technology, incredible cabin space, and sturdy on-road capabilities. Unlike most crossovers and minivans, adult-sized passengers can fit comfortably in third-row seating. The Flex’s many high points make it the best-in-class option for drivers who tend to travel with plenty of passengers.


Used 2014 Ford Flex

Used Ford Flex

The 2015 Ford Flex is a large crossover wagon, designed to haul family-friendly passenger loads in comfort and style. Inside, hip interior flourishes like blacked-out roof pillars and contrasting roof colors establish a modern vibe. Modern features keep passengers entertained and informed during long trips. On the road, the Flex is fun to drive, offering responsive steering and a pleasant ride. All Flex models are a great pick for used car shoppers.



Used Jeep Grand Cherokee

The used Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mid-size SUV that’s designed to deliver world-class off-road performance, family-friendly passenger space, and all the latest in comfort and convenience features. You’ll love its excellent ride and long-term durability. There’s no doubt about it – the used Jeep Grand Cherokee is an excellent all-around pick. Before you head to your favorite used car lot, check out our buying guide to learn more about how these models have changed over the years.


Used Truck Articles


Used Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is a full-size Pickup that is an integral part of Ford’s famed F-Series. The F-Series is famous for being the best-selling Pickup for 37 years and was the best-selling vehicle line overall in the United States for 17 years. Originally starting in 1948, the F-Series has remained a popular series of vehicles for over 60 years. The F-150 line was originally released in 1975 and has remained popular on its own right for over 30 years.



Used 2014 Ford F-150 Raptor

The Used 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is a full-size truck specifically designed for heavy-duty off-road driving. Its robust engine powers over rough terrain with ease. Its technology is designed to keep drivers on-track in backcountry territory and new safety features were built with serious off-roading in mind.


Used Ford F-250

Used Ford F-250

The Ford F-250 Super Duty is a work truck designed to haul and tow substantial loads. Throughout its run, it’s been available in a variety of body styles and trim models, offering as much space and luxury as drivers prefer. Although it’s meant to transport heavy cargo, the F-250 is easy to handle. An impressive new turbodiesel V8 is now available to enhance ride and handling dynamics. The Super Duty’s recently redesigned cabin offers new levels of style and luxury.



Used Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The used Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is a full-size pickup truck that’s specially designed to tow and haul heavy loads. These trucks also deliver modern passenger comfort and advanced safety features. If you’re shopping for a used Chevrolet Silverado 1500, check out our buying guide to learn how these models have changed over the years.


Used Van Articles


Used Ford Transit Wagon

The Ford Transit Wagon is a commercial passenger van that provides a wide variety of configurations, spacious accommodations, and modern tech and safety features. Businesses can boost their bottom line with the Transit Wagon’s fuel-efficient power. On the road, this passenger van is responsive and refined – quite unlike models of the past. Come in and test drive a Ford today!



Used Ford Transit Van

The Ford Transit Van is a commercial van that’s designed to deliver a fuel-efficient performance, massive towing and hauling capabilities, and impressive passenger comfort. Choose from a wide variety of configurations for the amount of cargo space you require. The Transit Van takes commercial van performance to the next level, thanks to its incredible refinement and flexibility.



Used 2014 Ford Transit Connect

The Used 2014 Ford Transit Connect is a compact, front-wheel drive van best known for its highly customizable design and fuel-efficient engines. It is larger than a minivan but smaller than a full-sized van. With so many configurations available, there’s one to suit everyone’s needs.


Used Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is a compact commercial van, designed to haul substantial cargo and passenger loads. Unlike full-size commercial vans, the Transit Connect was made to zip around cityscapes, maneuvering easily through confined spaces. In addition to its impressive utility, the Transit Connect is attached to an affordable price tag. Inside, the cabin is both practical and comfortable.


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