Why use a Ford Dealership to replace your tires

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Why use a Ford Dealership to replace your tires

Why use a Ford Dealership to replace your tires

It’s important to replace your tires in a timely manner, and the Ford dealership is the best place to do so. When you visit a Ford dealership, you can count on reliable advice and outstanding service. Your friendly dealer always uses certified Ford parts for continued on-road excellence. Certified Ford mechanics know exactly what kind of tires are a good fit for your particular vehicle. Read on to discover why it’s a good idea to visit the Ford dealership for your tire needs.

Dependable Advice

For drivers who aren’t sure when they need new tires, the Ford dealership can be extremely helpful. They’ll help you understand how your personal driving style and tire maintenance habits – for example, how often you rotate your tires – can contribute to tire wear. They’ll determine whether you require new tires and help you spot the tread wear indicators, which appear across the tread as a sign of deterioration.

Certified Ford Mechanics

When you hand over your keys at the dealership, you can do so with total confidence. Ford dealers only employ certified Ford mechanics, who undergo special training before they can work on your car. Visiting non-dealership mechanics can be problematic. They may not be as knowledgeable, leaving you with subpar performance. They could also lack the professionalism you’ll find at the dealership and accidentally damage your vehicle.

Trustworthy Service

In addition to their impressive knowledge, certified Ford mechanics are equipped to deliver quality service. They know which tires are best for your vehicle, and will help you choose the ones that deliver the precise size, speed, and load ratings for your Ford model. When you drive away, you’ll do so knowing that your new tires offer the best tread life, stability, and traction for excellent performance and safety.

Certified Ford Parts

Your friendly Ford dealership always uses certified Ford parts. These parts are specially designed for your vehicle, delivering optimal performance and durability. In addition to providing you with the best tires for your ride, the dealership is also a great place to go for new brake pads, air filters, and engine and timing belts.

Excellent Performance

Maintain your Ford’s excellent performance by replacing your tires at the dealership. When you let certified Ford mechanics change your tires, you can be sure you’re getting the perfect fit for your daily driving habits. If you visit a non-dealership mechanic, you may not drive away with the same safety, comfort, and performance you once enjoyed.

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